08 February 2008

Enjoy it For Now

The girls went to a high school Valentine's party at a friend's house tonight, and the girls are staying to sleep over. Kullen is also friends with the brother, and was invited to come, hang out, and spend the night there. (He was totally jazzed about this!) The girls were dressing up - and they looked so beautiful I just had to take some pictures. I'm sharing a couple, but you can see them all here.
It has been so quiet here tonight. I did have some quiet time alone snuggling with Travis until he passed out from the long day at work.
I have really enjoyed the quiet time to myself - but at the same time I miss the kids. I hate going to sleep without them in the house. I know the day will come when all too soon, they won't be coming home to sleep - and I do not look forward to that day.
When I saw them tonight, all dressed up it just took my breath away. My baby girls are growing up so fast, and so is my little boy. I wish I knew how to always be present in these days - to truly enjoy every moment. It seems to elude me.
Right now they're probably listening to loud music, laughing with friends and creating memories and new inside jokes, eating junk food and drinking soda. Kullen just called to tell me goodnight - but he didn't seem very interested. For the first time ever, it seemed he thought I hugged him too long before I left him at the party.
Oh well, I won't dwell on this right now. I'll drink my hot tea, read a book, and go to bed knowing that I will wake up to a nice, quiet house tomorrow morning! For now, I will enjoy it!


  1. I love that you've changed the feed settings on your blog. Now the whole thing shows up in my reader not just the first few sentences! You're much easier to read now! Thanks! (I know you did that just for me *lol*)

  2. Your children are lovely. It would be a treat to wake up to a quiet house, though I, like you, do not want to wish my noisy mornings away, as that would mean that our kids would have grown up.

  3. Jewls, your kids are so beautiful, what a blessing to watch them grow :)

    I don't know much about quiet yet, here it is nearly 4am and 3 of my kids are still up :)

    I do know that they grow up way too fast so I will enjoy the noise :)

  4. Jealous! And they never really go away so don't get too upset.

  5. I was there every minute watching an mine still grew up and I never knew how or when.
    They are great as aadults, though. And you know how it goes - if you are doing your job as parent you are working yourself out of a job.
    The girls are beautiful and Kullen is getting so big.

  6. I know where you are at right now. Our youngest daughter got engaged this week and we went shopping for her wedding dress! She's hardly ever home anymore for obvious reasons. I'm glad that I have been "eased" into their growing up. I still have ,y 17 year old son at home but even that won't be for much longer! If he goes away to college or even if he stays local for the first 2 years, he'll be busy working and such so I'll be eased into his passage also. This is hard stuff on a Momma's heart though!

  7. What great kids. Not only are the beautiful on the outside, but from what you've written...they have good heads on their shoulders. BRAVO mama.


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