01 February 2008

Decadent Dinner Date with Daughter

How is that for the most times anyone has used the letter D in a title? It was a most fabulous evening, and I don't regret one second that I have no clue what happened on LOST. My date with my daughter at the new restaurant where she works was fantabulous - and did I mention FREE? For such a small town this restaurant is really going to make an impression. All the teenagers want to work there, so they had their pick of the cream of the crop. Tonight they had a "mock opening" where the day-shift served the night-shift and then vice-versa. Each person could bring one guest and so my lovely daughter asked me. The best part was that it was all totally free. Nada dinero! We had appetizers, drinks, dinner (thank GOD I got a salad) and dessert - this sinfully delicious thing above is called a Texas Brownie - yep - much bigger than your average brownie, and beautiful too. The restaurant is brand-spanking new and it had the Texas atmosphere going on. I think about that line from the Titanic movie about eating off of dishes that have never been eaten on. You could still smell a slight hint of freshly cut wood. The atmosphere was all Texas too - using wood, stone, and galvanized metal even as the table top. A very fun night. I ate too much - but it was worth it. Here is my date to the left in her uniform. Ain't she cute? If you happen to have her as a waitress, make sure to tip her good - she's saving for college!


  1. Warm weather and desserts like that? That does it - I am packing my things and moving to Texas.

  2. That brownie looks great! I hope Kendra likes her job.

  3. Love Texas!! Everything is bigger!! I was getting a headache last night at the hospital and asked Dwayne if he'd get me some caffeine and chocolate when he went to get coffee. He brought back what they called a brownie. It was so moist and covered in a chocolate icing with white chocolate flecks in it. It actually reminded me of the laced brownies they fed Drew Barrymore on Never Been Kissed. It was good and did the trick. It got rid of my headache!


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