31 January 2008

LOST in a Whirlwind

My husband called and woke me up this morning on his way to work and informed me that there was a severe thunderstorm anticipated - where two storms were converging one from the north (the cooler air) and one from the south (the warmer air). He also added - before my first cup of coffee - that this was tornado weather. He's real thoughtful that way.
All I know about tornadoes is that supposedly the atmosphere gets a greenish tinge right before a tornado strikes. Everytime I look out the window, all I can see is......you guessed it - GREEN! You'd think I was in Ireland! So I'm trying not to worry about it - ha!
In other news - not the whirlwind that is the tornado, but the whirlwind that is my life, I saw an ad in the newspaper yesterday for a graphic designer for the local paper - and I emailed them that I wasn't interested in full-time work - which is what they were advertising - but if they needed someone who was proficient in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and the Microsoft Office programs, I would be interested in talking to them about some freelance work. They want to interview me right away. Aaaahhhck! It is a good thing - I called my mother-in-law to be sure and she said yes, this was good. We'll see. I expected immediate rejection since I stated clearly that I was unavailable for full-time work. Who knows what will come of this. I would be totally excited to work for a newspaper - although still not writing - which is my true love. But a foot in the door is a foot in the door.
Also, I may be missing the season premiere of LOST - as my gorgeous daughter has invited me to be her guest at the "mock opening" of the restaurant where she will be working. The day shift is serving the night shift at 6:30 and the night shift is serving the day shift at 7:30. They can each bring one guest and she has asked her mommy! How could LOST be more important than being an honored guest of my most fabulous girl. (Y'all fill me in later!)


  1. What a true honor to be invited by your daughter (I am assuming she is a teenager...)

  2. geez louise...I step away from the computer for two hours to go get groceries and I come home to Dorothy and Toto, green twirly skies during which you have managed to obtain a job and be invited out to dinner. I left you sitting in your chair in your bunny slippers sipping coffee & next thing I know you are a career woman in ruby slippers. You just can't be left unsupervised for one minute, can you? hehe CONGRATULATIONS crazy woman!! Go for it! Do you think you will meet Clark Kent, too!? :)

  3. The tornado siren was going off two days ago, we had a fast moving cold front with high winds, it sounded like a train was coming, wow it was fast and that God it nothing touched down as far as I know.

    Have fun at dinner, you have such a special relationship it is truly awesome :)

  4. I am so excited for you about the newspaper job.
    Have fun with Kendra. SHe is better than a TV show (although I have never seen LOST, so I don't really know that... (Just Kidding- I love Kendra))
    Hope the tornado bypasses you.

  5. I love that you're giving up LOST for your daughter. Show's a might strong conviction.

    and you can always watch it online tomorow at ABC.Com for free, so don't worry. You get to do TWO fun things.

  6. Considering that I have lived through 3 tornadoes in my life in IN, consider yourself for warned to BEWARE!!!!
    Congratulations on the job offer. Wow, your life is heading so many different directions, it's hard to keep up.


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