03 January 2008

If I Should Die Before I Wake

Before you think me melodramatic, let me say that I have been thinking about death.
It is for something I am writing.
It made me wonder.....so I thought I would ask you -
If you found out today that you would die for sure in six months, and money were no option, what would be the three most important things for you to do with that time? Where would you go? Who would you see? What places would you visit?

Three things - will you share your thoughts with me for my project??


  1. Okay, I would want to compose some sort of video diary for my children - thoughts I would want to share with them at important milestones in their lives. I would rent a cabin in the mountains for my family to hideaway at. I would want to experience life, but not in the way that I would let my family get lost in chaos. I would want a weekend to spend in Austria - Salsburg with my husband, and I would try to spend another weekend in Paris with my mom - for old times sake. Maybe Mary would go with us. For the most part I would want to hide away with my children and tell them how much I love them and that God has a special plan for each of them.

  2. Okay, if I were a dyin' in six months, I would probably STAY HOME and play with my kids and husband!

    I would not visit anyone else. at. all. The least they could do is come visit ME! And stay in a hotel and bring me food and gifts. I love tiramisu, spinach artichoke dip, Korean food and coffee. Lots of coffee.

  3. Good answers so far. I would do something similar to Renae- I would want to get rid of all the extra "crap"in my life- like ringing phones, paying bills, etc, and just focus on time with my family. That might include us all going somewhere special like the Mediterranean, as long as we could just hang out together in a lush, quiet, peaceful place. I would want to record something special for each child. I would want to spend a week away with my hubby. I would put love and thought and time into every single thing I did, in case it was the last time I got to do it- even if it was folding the laundry or cleaning the toilet. I would want the chance to say good bye to my loved ones. Oh, I would also clean out my underwear drawer and get rid of any yucky looking granny pairs that i might leave behind.

  4. Family, God, & Heaven. It isn't where I went or what I accomplished, it is relationships that matter most. Relationships with God. What sort of legacy will I leave behind, one that is all about me or one that is about Christ? I hope the latter. Because really that is all that matters. Not MY life here on Earth but if I can point to salvation and eternity with God and someone benefited from that, that would be the best. I had wonderful examples as my Grandparents were dying.

    I do like the idea of a video diary for my kids.

  5. If money were not an option then the first thing I would do is pay off my debt and that of my families debts. Secondly I would fly to Oklahoma and spend time with my family there for some time and thirdly I would travel with my husband all the while growing closer to God.

  6. I would go to Alaska and watch whales. I need to see a whale before I die. I would also like to touch a sleeping tiger, do tigers purr? Then I would like to come home and spend my last day doing Ordinary Normal things. Wash the dishes, hang out with my kids, feed my dogs and take them and the boys to the river, sit in my chair and read a book, go outside and look at the moon then go to bed...unless of course Johnny Depp can be part of my last day in which case scratch all the above.

  7. I probably wouldn't go anywhere unless it were with my family. I would spend time with them, making sure they knew they were loved. I would do my best to prepare them for their future. I would spend time with the Lord seeking His will for my every day. These are the things I should be doing anyway. God tells us our days are numbered. He just doesn't tell us what the number is.

  8. I'm not ignoring you girl but this isn't something I really want to think about, of course I have a bit since you brought it up. I'll get back to you :)


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