15 January 2008

Delightful Children

Okay, just in case that last post was a bit too poetic for you - with all the hullabaloo about my kids pursuing their dreams and destiny - I will have to admit that most of that currently centers around computers (Myspace, Project Playlist, YouTube, etc.) or the Sony PSP complete with the Darth Vader icon that one little boy got for Christmas. This afternoon we watched the movie Romeo and Juliet together which was pretty cool, and the two youngest have been obsessively watching King Kong. (That is one LOOOONNNGGG movie!) We went out this afternoon and they cheered me on as I attempted to balance my two butt cheeks, of which I am convinced one is fatter than the other and continually threw me off center. They were so proud of me for persevering. (I rode ten minutes and how is it that the dang bike seat hurts when I've got so much padding?)
But the previous post was inspired by this....
Yesterday afternoon, my heart stopped. I was at a meeting with high school moms pre-planning for next year's co-op - precious, gorgeous women. I sat there with my white shirt that sported evidence of the blackberry yogurt I had eaten for a snack, and shrunk down sort of like Edith Ann in the great big chair when one mom asked me what my daughter who will be a senior needed next year. These questions are so foreign to me. The question wasn't out of line - it was just that we come from two different worlds. I know a lot of homeschool parents are on this track - planning out classes for their children and often their futures. I don't think like that. If my children choose to go to college, then I will assist them in any way that they request in pursuing that route. Whatever they choose to pursue, barring prostitute or drug dealer, they will have my full support. I want my kids to live joyful lives of their choosing. If college is in or out of the picture, great either way. If getting married and having children is part of what they choose to paint into their lives, I hope they choose wisely and love deeply. If they want to join the circus and ride an elephant everyday in a sequined body suit, and marry a 3 ft. tall guy named Rollo - they have my blessing (well the girls do anyway) and I'll buy a ticket for a front row seat of every show.
What could be better than that?


  1. I'm glad you aren't hoping you son marries a 3 foot man named Rollo! LOL! You crack me up!

    Thanks for all the pictures you always showed about your scrapbooks! I needed to do a lifebook for Superfudge and decided to make it like a scrapbook style. It is coming out beautifully even if I do say so my self!! Only bummer is that I can't show any of you how beautiful it is since it has personal info about him and his face on every page!!!

  2. Arrrgh!! Why does your blog always make me type those darn letters TWICE before it accepts my comments????? And I KNOW I've typed them right the first time! Sorry, small rant there! Over now! :o)

  3. Hey, I agree w/ the above commenter about the word verification thingy. I HATE those. Why do my friend all have them? Notice I don't torture my friends in that way. :)

    I really like your style girl. I like your attitude about life and learning. It's not as high stakes as some of us try and make it. College is necessary if your child wants to be a dentist, but if they don't know? Why send them until they do know. What a waste of time and money. (my humble .02)

    Honestly, the most important things to me are that they follow Christ until their dying breaths, and that they marry someone who will love them passionately and forever. 'Cause seriously, with those TWO kinds of love? A person can make it in this world. Much harder w/o.

    ya know?

  4. Being her assistant?

    and why does every word verification have a stupid "q" in it.

  5. The last part cracked me up! If we ever get together, I will bring extra chocolate. Unless you like dark- in that case you are welcome to it. I'm a milk chocolate girl.


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