02 January 2008

An Ordinary Day

I hate to say it, but I was glad to see the holidays finally come to an end. I loved the celebrations and the fun things we got to do, but man I am tired from all of the merry-making.
2008 rang itself in with a very fun party for us with some of our new friends, good food, fireworks, and fun. I learned how to play Hand and Foot (Canasta) - and in fact did so with some awesome women until almost 2 am!! It was great, but exhausting.
Today, I woke up to a day of absolutely regular stuff. Cooking, cleaning, a hubby that had gone to work (I miss him when he's gone but 2 back-to-back 4 day weekends made me want him to go to work so I could miss him some more!). I read some blogs - and found this terrific recipe for Breakfast Oatmeal Casserole and made some to have with a piping hot cup of coffee. I made a batch of bread. I wiped down kitchen cabinets and cleaned out the silverware drawer. (riveting blog material) I watched a movie this evening and made hubby's lunch. I'm ready to head to bed and snuggle up with a good book.
Ah, it's so good to be back to normal.


  1. Normal? What's normal?

    If it has anything to do with oatmeal, coffee, a good book and bed, then I NEED that!

  2. Tav and I love Hand and Foot. We would play that all the time with some of our good friends in Idaho. Every once in awhile we convince someone here to play it. We did play Nerts with Shasta the other evening until my eyes were bloodshot! I'll have to teach you guys when you come up. You'll love it.

    The recipe looks wonderful I will have to try that (I have one similar that I really like)

    I can handle normal. I've been looking forward to that myself. I got Tav off to work and the kids working towards getting ready for a school day. SIGH.

  3. Hand & Foot!!!! Someone else whoactually knows that game! It's hands down our family's favorite! I even mentioned it on my blog yesterday! Happy 2008!

  4. I love the ordinary days! I actually sat down and read last night for a couple of hours. It was great! I have missed reading.


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