23 January 2008

PSP Mini-Me

Kullen has heard me make so many phone calls in the last several months about our refrigerator, our dishwasher, my laptop, etc. but it never really hit home how much he was learning from me until today. He asked me to help him dial a phone number he had looked up online for Sony because he has been having some difficulties with his PSP. I helped him with the dialing and gave the phone to him. He was navigating the automated system with a little difficulty and kept reappearing in the room to ask me what to do. When he finally got the customer service representative on the phone he explained that he was having difficulty getting his PSP to log on to Myspace. They must've explained that it was something to do with the Myspace site that happens occasionally. He was satisfied with their explanation.
At any rate - he got the answer that he wanted. He knew how to pursue the assistance that he needed, based solely on his observations of how I handle similar problems, and he took matters into his own hands.
I am imagining the customer service representative's reaction to his ten year old voice asking a complicated question. I am in awe of the skills that he demonstrated here. I am so amazed, but really I shouldn't be. Life brings many opportunities for learning into his world, and he is soaking them up.


  1. ...you mean without doing a Unit on Consumer Skills first? No Oral Communication Exercises? No Computer Certification studies. And why is he using the phone & computer, shouldn't he be Studying instead? I'm not so sure it is Real Learning...maybe you should Test him to be sure.

  2. Wow! I can't even get my incredibly shy 11 year old to answer the phone if it is Daddy calling! Maybe someday...sigh.


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