10 January 2008

One More Picture - Living Room

I am not sure why I forgot to post this picture with the rest - but this is the view from my living room into the dining room. The "front door" that walks out onto the porch is to the right - and to the left through the french doors where you see the snowflakes on the windows is the dining room. On the wall above it hangs my "Texas" star given to me by my precious friends at our going away party. They have signed it with love and beautiful sentiments. It is truly a treasure.


  1. Your little piece of WV hanging up in your Texas house.
    Don't remember if I commented on your other post but your living room is beautiful and warm and inviting (like you)

  2. I love your colors~~ very much my own taste. LOVE the star~~ even though we are official Okies now~~ I have Texas stars all over the place~~ we just don't call them Texas stars~~ outloud anyway. Hopefully, we won't get our butts kicked out of Oklahoma.

    Enjoyed the tour~~ so cozy and warm!!! Tamy


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