14 January 2008

Africa, Walden, an Orange Jumpsuit, and Max Lucado

What do these three things have in common? My husband.
Today he donned a bright orange jumpsuit to head out to his new job at a refinery. He was hilariously frustrated - animatedly talking about how you can't sneak around cause you're, in his words, "all orange".
Amid the comedy routine he said sincerely, "I'm better than this." I knew just what he meant. Not that he's too good to wear the orange jumper, or too good to work menial labor, but that he was created for better things. He had talents and gifts and yet for some reason he had no idea what to do with them.
Then today I was reading from "Cure for the Common Life" by Max Lucado. I don't usually like these "churchy" books - but I read an unschoolish quote that drew me in. This book is talking about exactly the point of struggle my husband is having. If God imprinted in each of us a destiny for greatness - a specific design - how do we tap into it? I am only on chapter 3 - so I'll let you know how that comes out.
Last night I was listening to Walden on Librivox and heard this quote that sums this up:
The finest qualities of our nature like the bloom on fruits can be preserved only by the most delicate handling; yet we do not treat ourselves or one another thus tenderly.
Somewhere along the way, life has beaten the spark for excellence out of this talented, creative, funny, intelligent man. Instead of pushing him deeper into the orange jumpsuit, I am going to be praying more that God would help him find a way to harness who he was made to be.
Oh yeah, and Africa. He got a call tonight about a possible job there. It might last 4-6 months. He is seriously considering it. I hope he won't have to wear the orange jumpsuit. Orange is definitely not his color!


  1. So you're finally going to make it to the mission field in Africa?!
    Still praying that for you.

  2. Part of his greatness is his willingness to don the orange jumpsuit for his family. Thats a great husband and dad.

  3. I suppose any comments about deer hunting season wouldn't exactly be appropriate huh?

    Seriously, we love our men SO much and when we know their hearts and character the way only we as wives do, it hurts us that others don't recognize how absolutely wonderful they are! Your prayers for him will mean more to him than you could ever know.

    Africa huh? Hmmm.....


  4. hey I love the new blog! It looks great!

  5. It's so hard when our husbands are going through stuff....'cause of course....WE go through it right along w/ them. Sinc we're one and all.

    Moving never killed anyone. Go for it.

    (Emily~queen of moving)

  6. Oh, friend, my heart sank a little when you mentioned the job in Africa. I assumed that would mean a separation for a time...Not my favorite thing, as you know. I thought of you this morning. If y'all were close, I KNOW you'd send Travis over to fix our silly recliner. The dang thing is stuck open and Emmie keeps crawling under it and bumping her noggin. Sending you hugs, Renae


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