06 January 2008

Should I?

I really enjoy the God Journey podcasts. I have been a fairly regular listener for about six months now. I noticed they have a couple of new slogans such as "Sacred Cow Tipping Team", "Free Range Believer" and "Don't Should on Yourself".
That last one has had me thinking of all of the shoulds that I have lived under at different times in my life: I should ..... eat well, pray more, exercise, go to church every time the doors are open, fast, sleep 8 hours a night, memorize scripture, lose a few pounds, spend more time outside, vote with a certain party affiliation, etc. etc. etc.
I love the freedom that I have as a believer to live in relationship with the Lord without outside constraints. For so many years, I lived under the expectations of others, or the confines of what I was told a Christian looked like. That life was not joy and liberty, it was a burden.
I am so thankful that I was able to come out from under that burden and meet Jesus.
No more shoulds for me.
What about you - are there any "shoulds" that you need to address in your life?

Now I really should get off of here and fold some laundry. *wink*


  1. We are addressing a huge one for me now- homeschooling vs public. I won't go on about it. I still think homeschooling is wonderful, but as you know, I feel that God is leading us in a different direction. I am struggling with it tonight as tomorrow is the kids' first day. I am also struggling with other homeschoolers reactions. So that is my "should" for today!

  2. So you should live without shoulds, should you?

  3. I so get you!!! I let go of shoulds, have tos and all that stuff with unschooling and when I left the church building mentality. I think I've shared a little about what *they say we are supposed to do*It's all a choice, freedom is awesome. Nobody is going to tell me I should do anything :)

  4. I just got the "don't should on yourself" statement- love that one! Thanks for your encouraging words Julie- meant a lot. I cracked up at the thought of you screaming at the computer.

  5. AMEN girlfriend.

    His yoke is not heavy.


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