30 January 2008

Eccentric Mama #2

This morning I was about to take my 16 yo daughter to her 2nd day of training at her new job - which she is way excited about. Yesterday she woke up late, detailed here in her "Superwaitress" post. This morning she had that alarm set, turned up loud and was in the shower before I had finished my first cup'a joe. She was looking all spiffy, and ran past my bedroom saying, "Mom, are you ready? We gotta go!" I was ready except I was still in my PJ pants which I contemplated wearing for the quick ride in the car. In mid change - after PJ pants removal, and before putting on the jeans, I decided to help my daughter not take herself too seriously. I threw my shoes on with my sweatshirt and underpants, and grabbed my purse and keys and headed down the hall toward the front door. The problem with this ingenious plan of mine is that I started laughing hysterically. I can never play stuff like this cool - as I usually find it funnier than anyone else.
We are going to pick her up at noon and run some errands. They actually start "working" tomorrow so I thought after we shopped for fabric for the dresses (what have I gotten myself into?) I thought to celebrate her last day of freedom, we might try to catch a matinee. The girls want to see 27 Dresses and Kullen of course wants to see Rambo. Maybe we'll have to see two - I refer you here to the Eccentric Mama post #1.


  1. Hehehe, the whole underwear thing is hilarious. Since I telecommute I pretty much dress how I want. My boss asked on a concall one day if I had ever worked in my PJ's or underwear and my reply was "do you really want to know?" He didn't :D

    You might want to go see Rambo before letting Kullyboy see it. I have heard it is very violent and bloody.

  2. Do you have any idea how painful it is to spew hot tea thru your nose all over your computer? I would appreciate some kind of warning next time.

  3. Love it, I'm always running from room to room in mid state of dress. Just not enough time to finish in one stage. Remember, freedom is a state of mind. We're always free to make choices. This is just another choice of your precious daughter.
    By the way, check out the lame comment on my last post, "Unschooling life for me"

  4. Oh my gosh, you are too funny :)


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