04 January 2008

Oh Boy Oh Boy

I was going to post this with pictures - and maybe I'll come back and do it later - but I cannot believe how much Kullen has grown lately. If he lays down beside me, his feet go all the way to mine. His shoulders are getting thicker. He is just bursting at the seams. He keeps telling me he doesn't have any pants to wear - and I know he has 20. I went to his room today and he tried things on and nothing fits him - I mean nothing. Even his shirts are all very short and tight - stuff that just fit him in the fall. He is only 10 and I bought him 2 pairs of size 12 husky pants at Walmart today - husky because he doesn't believe that he actually has a waist. The pants have to ride around the hips. I thought a 12 would be waaaaayyy too long - but it isn't! Where did my baby boy go?!! He is HUGE. His shoes are bigger than mine already. What next? He is really bulking up - so I think we're about to hit a major growth spurt. I made him stand by the bookshelf yesterday so I could chart his height. (I figured if I did it on the bookshelf it can go with is if we ever move. shhh!)
He has a ravenous appetite as well - do you think I can get anywhere if I stop feeding him???!?

I'm off to drop the girls off at a birthday party / sleepover and then meet my friend Melody at Chilis! WOO HOO! I have a backlog of blogging topics and never any time or energy to blog about them. I'll be back to some more meaty topics very soon.


  1. Growing boy here too. Some of his size 10s (and it seems he just yesterday outgrew the 8s) are showing signs of ankle exposure.

  2. Holly is growing much too quickly as well. I've noticed recently that she is losing that little girl look and becoming more like a young lady. I accepted it with Gabe and Hannah. It seems like the baby should have mercy on our hearts and grow up a bit more slowly.

  3. I remember those days with Charlie! I swear I'd put him to bed and the next day his jeans had shrunk somehow overnight! I have 3 older daughters, he's my baby. There's nothing like watching your little boy turn into a man! I swear sometimes, I start staring at him when he's not looking and I can't help but be in wonder & amazement!


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