14 January 2008

Shhh! I Have a Secret

When I'm at co-op, sometimes people think I'm hard at work.
In reality
I'm reading your blogs.

I can't help myself.
I need a 12 step plan or something.


  1. Then you've seen the Nick Nolte mug shot?

  2. LOL!!!
    I can't help it either, I have to know what you guys are up to :)

    Do you feel like you are on a secret mission?

  3. LOL! There's always something else that I should be doing. Like right now I need to get dressed so I can take Gabe to his Driver's ed class and then go grocery shopping. Or maybe even writing my own blog entry. I think I've gotten rusty.


Awaiting your words......
♥ Juls ♥