29 January 2008


I got some good news today. We are planning - Lord willing and the creek don't rise - to make a trip to WV after co-op ends here in May. It was looking a little disappointing because if we leave after all the stuff that we're involved with here in the Lone Star state - the Country Roads won't be able to take us home where we belong for some very important events, such as the graduation of some of my most favorite people in the world, the formal, and "The Night", a youth gathering. It looks like we'll be able to get there for the graduation and "The Night", but we probably won't make it there for the formal since it is early in May. We are bummed about the formal, but two out of three ain't bad. Not bad at all.
We can't wait to see you guys!!!!!!!! Can you believe it will have been a WHOLE YEAR? Somebody has to come home with me! Any takers?


  1. I'll go - got room for FIVE more (and that includes four carseats)?

    Mmm...guess not. I'll be happy to hear about it though.

  2. Good - I hope you will come over here for dinner again so we can visit. Looking forward to seeing all of you!

  3. West Virginia is jazzed about you coming!! People are already making plans and talking - we can't wait!!

  4. I so hope you get to go. A trip does wonders for those blues that we all get now and then. WV or bust!!


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