29 January 2008

Sweet Spring

Now before those of you who are my friends shivering in far away places think I am rubbing this in, please remember this - summer in southeast Texas is the hottest, suckiest state of being known among the living - at least in these United States - alright at least in my experience. It is hot and it is buggy - and the worst part is that it lasts most of the dang year! Ugh.
But the feeling outside today, a steady breeze blowing enough to open the windows and doors and have the fresh air blowing in at the most perfect temperature - not hot or cool - almost, again I say almost makes up for it. The sunshine is out. I threw the kitchen door open and our kitty cats who have been outdoors mostly since birth have been wandering in and out. The sound of the breeze blowing through the trees and brush makes a scrubbing sound and you can hear rustling leaves, cause we don't rake 'em.
Ahh! Yep, it's only January - but it's spring in Texas.
See y'all later - I'm going to sit on the front porch and eat hamburgers with my kids for dinner.
(Pray for Travis - it's feast or famine for him - he started working 7 - 12s today! Poor guy!)


  1. I can totally picture that and wish I was sitting on the porch with you! I love Spring! *hugs* please enjoy it for me!!

  2. It was 60 today and I'm kicking myself for not taking a walk. Virginia is a fickle place and it could be winter again tomorrow. Enjoy the weather!

  3. I do LOVE this weather. But I just want cold weather for Christmas! Is this too much to ask, God? Hahaha.

  4. Nice. Weather stinks bad here today.


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