09 January 2008

Spring Fever - Almost!

The weather has been so warm the last week or so, but I have been too preoccupied to enjoy it. I have had so many irons in the fire that I hadn't even taken the Christmas tree down yet. We weren't lighting it up anymore - and it was bugging me. How is it that something that gives you so much joy and be SO beautiful only a month ago is now a nuisance and an eyesore??!? Go figure. I had the kids start taking the ornaments off the tree yesterday, and gather things from all over the house that were "Christmas-y". Four HUGE boxes later, we were packed up. This morning I had to double check what they did and dismantle the actual tree. What started as sweeping a corner ended up as a complete clean sweep and rearranging of the living room, which also bled over into the dining room. (I did the kitchen yesterday!) My friends who know me know how much I LOVE to rearrange my furniture - and what a fresh feeling it gives me. I thought I'd share some pictures.
This is my desk - a/k/a the "blogging nook" - hee hee
This isn't much of a BIG change - the television used to be to the R of the fireplace.
We moved Travis' antique radio to the other side of the room - and hopefully he'll put the knobs back on it and make it play again. The french doors behind the couch go into my dining room - the couch is out from the wall about 3 feet.
Since we moved here, the long couch has been in front of this big window. I really like it that there isn't anything blocking the light and air that come in from these windows with the new arrangement. I put the big footstool there - it'll make a nice reading spot, or a place for the cat to lounge, and can easily be moved to be used as a footstool.
This has always been my biggest challenge when it comes to rearranging the living room is this piano! It fits pretty nicely in this corner - isn't in a walkway - and doesn't block anything! Wow.
I took a picture of this to show you - it is an old sewing box that my parents got in Williamsburg, and was in every home that I lived in as a child. My mother got custody of it when my parents divorced - and gave it to me when I got older. When we moved the top got broken somehow and is in need of repair. I decided that a stack of beautiful books might make a nice table top for now. What do you think? Travis got me the little oil lamp that is sitting on top quite a few years ago - in fact we used it for a prop when we did "Scrooge" at the community theater a few years ago.

Thanks for visiting with me in my living room. I am feeling a lot less overwhelmed today and a huge sense of accomplishment is a lot better feeling than spinning your wheels in mud and digging a deeper hole!
What did you do today?


  1. I've been busy all week but I wouldn't take a picture of my house right now. Mainly, I've been busy with homeschool and just trying to catch up. I love your blogging nook. It looks so cozy.

  2. your home looks SO homey! Love it.

    but next time, no spring fever mentions....remember, it's snowing here!

  3. What an inviting home. Your couches look so comfy!

  4. It's fun getting a peek inside other blogger friend's lives. I clicked on every picture to get a closer look. Over your computer desk it looks like your calendar has a photo of one of Yellowstone's Geysers. Either Grand Geyser or Old Faithful? How's that for paying attention?
    Love the antique/cozy home accents you have, especially the radio!

  5. Looks great, nice and cozy!
    We rearranged the living room when we put up the tree and we moved the piano too. No easy task it weighs a ton and we can't just push it because it will scratch the floor.
    Thanks for sharing those pictures :)

  6. So nice, and airy, and inviting. Good job decorating.

  7. Greetings from a fellow furniture mover. It's an addiction. I need help. I followed you here from that Emily girl's blog. I really like the feel of your blog! I think it probably reflects your personality-love your header all swirly!


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