13 January 2008

The Best Laid Plans

You've heard that pride goes before a fall..... well today I planned out our dinner menu for the next week, complete with detailed grocery list. All the blanks were filled out in that little section of my planner. I was feeling pretty dang good about myself, thinking myself an organizational genius. The shopping trip which I dread went off without a hitch and all items for the coming week's meals were procured. Life was good.
Then we got home.
At our house when mom pulls up with groceries, everybody comes to help carry them in. Travis got the bag with the eggs - a large pack of 2 1/2 dozen. He took them inside and set them on the edge of the island. As he walked away I heard a splat.
Sixteen eggs were broken.
I had other "plans" for tonight's dinner, but not wanting those cracked eggs to go to waste, we improvised and had breakfast for dinner.
I think I'll learn to keep my plans written in pencil.


  1. way to roll w/ the punches. I love breakfast dinner.

    you got runner up in my contest....come take a peek.

  2. Breakfast for dinner is yummy! We had "breakfast" all day yesterday, as we celebrated "Breakfeast-o" (a new holiday created by our family).
    I'll post about it soon. ;)


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