22 January 2008

A WV Night

Between every mom and her boy there is a little romance going on. Kullen will sing songs - his current favorite "Hey There Delilah" - and put my name in it. He likes to leave me love notes, and stops to kiss me for no reason at all. Earlier today we were watching a movie and he had to sit on my lap. Let's just suffice to say, he has my heart, hook, line and sinker.
I have worried about him a little bit because there aren't boys his age in our neighborhood anymore. Lately he has been having so much fun at co-op on Mondays that he says, "Mom, I wish we had co-op every two days, so we had enough time to do our homework and go back!"
Last night we went out to eat with a group from the co-op to Jason's Deli (definitely in the top 3 of our favorite places to eat!). When we got there I quickly realized that there weren't any of the boys Kullen's age there. He went to where the teenagers were sitting and hung out there contentedly all evening. He said he likes the teenage boys there because they "don't treat me like a little kid". When we were walking to the car to head home at almost 9 0'clock, he said, "Tonight felt like a WV night, mom." I knew just what he meant.
That did this mama's heart a lot of good!

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  1. That's perfect and Kullen is a sweetie. And your Texas social life is already twice my West Virginia life!


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