05 January 2008

Book Review: The Hiding Place

This is one of my all-time favorite books, The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom (with John and Elizabeth Sherrill). I have read it a couple of times already, but when my girls told me they had to read it for their literature class, I was so excited that I would finally get to share this book with them. To my delight, one evening, early into the book, they were both tired and asked if I would read it aloud with them - and so began another tear-filled journey with my hero, Corrie ten Boom.
Corrie was the daughter of a Dutch watchmaker, and became an unlikely kingpin of the Resistance when Hitler's army moved into her country, managing an underground network of her countrymen offering sanctuary to many displaced Jews. When Corrie and her sister Betsie are taken to the concentration camps for their clandestine work, the real work has only just begun.
Corrie's sister Betsie tells Corrie that they must tell those who are hurting that there is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still. Corrie spent the rest of her life telling others just this thing. She tramped the world (another book Tramp for the Lord tells of these days) telling others of the love and forgiveness of God, sharing the hope that she found in the bleakest of circumstances.
I was so overjoyed that my girls loved this book like I did. I was overwhelmed with emotion, and although I was so familiar with the story found that it touched me again, deeply. I remember when I read it for the first time, ten years ago. It is as profound to me now as it is then. It reminds me to look for God in the simplest things, and in the worst of times, with the faith and love of a child. After Jesus, the very first person I want to meet in heaven would be my dear friend, Corrie ten Boom.


  1. WOW, for their literature class--that is AWESOME!!!My mom read this when it first came out and was truly moved by it. I have oly read bites and pieces of the book but like to read about her, she was truly a great lady in the Lord. This is so much better than the latest stuff that the PS in Kanawha County had them reading. (Did ya hear about that controversy--sheesh) Glad to see that everyone is doing well.
    Charlotte in WV

  2. Wasn't she something? I loved how she felt inferior to her sister and yet God used HER in ways she would never imagine. It gives me hope that I can be a useful vessel as well, even with my weaknesses and flaws!

  3. A magnificent book! I had a hard time reading it aloud through the tears but we all enjoyed it.

  4. With my older girls we read this AFTER reading Anne Frank. Both of them were struck by the amazing difference Jesus makes in someone's life.

    We use many of these lessons with our daughters even still today; the one about not getting her ticket until the right time comes to mind immediately. And of course the one of the vitamins lasting so long. God is amazing! Oh and the lice story! Thanking God for everything...
    So many wonderful lessons! What a blessing her books are. I can't wait to meet her in Heaven one day, can you?



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