05 January 2008


My dinner out with Melody last night was terrific. I love the conversation. We come from two totally different places and have found ourselves companions in that we are both strangers here. She is an intelligent and insightful person. You just love being with someone who has your thoughts stirred, and your faith challenged.
At one point in the evening our conversation turned to politics. Sometimes I scare myself. I get so engrossed in a topic, that I forget to shut up, chew with my mouth closed, and take a breath. I have to remind myself to stop and listen. I get so passionate about things, or even about the exploration of things, that I am like a train bumping along faster and faster on uneven ground, sure to derail.
While talking with her I realized that two things of importance, politically speaking are diametrically opposed to one another. I want less government on one hand, and yet I want them to foot the bill so that poor or indigent people can have the health care that the middle and upper classes enjoy. (Thank you to my friend Amy who pointed out *duh* that this means more Big Brother! Sometimes I require an iron skillet in the head!) What to do.
I have also stumbled onto some terrific blogs lately that have taken my poor brain to the point of almost melting. I am loving it - and yet, if I spend all day reading blogs, people around here would be eating Fruity Pebbles and running naked in the streets. (I am sure we can stir up some deep thoughts about that!) I thought I'd use that as a lighthearted segue to sharing some linky love:
Josh Brown on Immigration (I loved this post!)
He is also an excellent photographer -
and as he put it in his most recent post he.... . . never misses a chance to be political and antagonistic

Quirky Grace
Quirky Grace a/k/a Jamila Kwon on Lust
and a Poem by a Zen Chic Who is a Christian

Give them a read, and maybe a shout out - and tell 'em Jewlsntexas sent ya!


  1. Loved the Quirky Grace one and what's wrong with Fruity Pebbeles?

  2. I don't know what the answer to the health care problem is either. I saw Michael Moore on Oprah and he said "socialized medicine" should really be called "Christianized medicine" ... ugh!!

    On the other hand, the current system scares the hell out of me. Our monthly insurance payment is more than our mortgage, and goes up every year. AND I just calculated our total cost for meds in 2007 - $1557!!


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