30 January 2008

Pray for Ruth

I have a friend and his mom who are in need of your prayers right now. His mom is diabetic and has had some serious health issues. Recently she has taken a couple of nasty falls, and also has a toe injury that is not healing. Mrs. Douglas is a precious lady. I used to clean their house years ago when my kids were smaller, and the best part of that was always visiting with her. She is a card. She is a spunky little lady. You never knew what she would say, and if you knew her son, you would know that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Dwayne is married now, and he and his bride, Shasta have watched his mom's health go from bad to worse. The most recent report is that she is having some congestive heart failure, her kidneys are not functioning properly, and that she is likely going to have her toe and possibly more amputated. She is being moved from the small town hospital to a larger one that can better care for her. Please pray for Mrs. Ruth, for healing and for the hearts of those who love her that may be facing saying goodbye in the not so distant future.
On a personal note, it is excruciating to be so far away and not be able to hold my friend's hands through this time. My heart aches to be near them right now.


  1. Dear Julie, I will be praying for Ruth - I am praying constantly for Lana and I will add Ruth to my vigil. I will pray peace for you, too, my friend - I don't think I have ever met anyone with as big a heart as yours. Love you, Mel

  2. Thank you Julie, both Dwayne and I have posted updates on our blogs and God truly answers prayers!! We love you and felt your love across the miles!!


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