13 January 2008

Some Linky Love

I have stumbled on some awesome websites lately - and thought I would share them with you!
With election energy rising, and conversations about candidates around every corner, it is important to decide which issues are most important to you. If you are like me, no one candidate is an exact match, but with Glassbooth you can get pretty close. What I liked most about this "candidate match" site is that it allowed you to assign weight to certain issues. I was surprised to see which candidate that I matched with, and yet, while I wouldn't let this influence my vote, I find that it was the direction I was already leaning. Very cool.
On a homeschool group, someone recently shared the Librivox site. It is amazing. It is an audio book library. The files are from the public domain. The readers are not professional actors as you find usually, but everyday people. Kendra and Kaitlyn are reading Metamorphosis by Frank Kapfka and we found it on this site. I started listening to Walden by Henry David Thoreau. I do not live in a "quiet" house - so I am hoping I will find a chance to listen to it in parts - here and there.
On the pages of World magazine, I saw this neat new site called Worldmap.org. My husband and kids all love Google Earth so I am excited to check this out with them later. This is a map tool used to show you the red and yellow, black and white of God's world. If you have a heart for missions, this is a website that encompasses all the current information that I used to find in Operation World.
I hope that you'll enjoy some of these sites.


  1. I have taken several candidate match quizzes but I had not seen Glassbooth before, thanks.

    It confirms my 2 choices the hard part is picking one...

  2. Great sites! I tried the glassbooth a couple of different times. Interesting.

  3. Hey Julie, The Glassbooth site is very thought-provoking. I was suprised by the candidate most closely matching my views. He was not my choice. I like that it explains where & why the candidates differ most from my views. I will probably need to go through it again. Thanks!


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