07 January 2008

Take It Easy

I had the misfortune today of finding something humorous that a child did -
The mother of the child who did it did not agree, and she let me know in no uncertain terms that her child struggled with "pride"........
Poor guy.
It was just a joke.
He was only teasing.
It was actually quite witty. It was clever.
It wasn't disrespectful or hurtful or disobedient in any way.
He was punished.

I have been scratching my head. I have never understood this kind of parent. This mother spoke of her son in his presence with her teeth gritted while I giggled at what he had done.
I wondered if her son's behavior had embarrassed her. Perhaps he is not the one struggling with pride after all.


  1. You know I have to ask.. What did he do?
    I know what you mean about the parenting, I get so bothered by stupid parenting and feel so bad for the kids...UGH!
    I can't save them all but I would if I could!

  2. I felt at home on your blog this morning! I popped over and it started playing the 'Little Women' soundtrack just like your old blog did! I miss your old blog. It was so pretty and I loved the music. I would re-read old posts just for an excuse to stay and look at it for longer! LOL! How sad is that??? Not that I don't like your new blog that is, just feeling nostalgic for the old one I guess!

  3. I TOTALLY need to know what he did now too!

    Kids sure bring us to an even level, don't they?

  4. I had something very similar happen yesterday.

    during a pretend Evil Queen/Captive Princess game, a neighbor girl tied my daughter and another girl to a tree with jump ropes.

    The dad of the kid who did the tying went ballistic.

    I thought it was kinda funny.

    The kids who were "tied up" (how well can an 8 year old girl tie knots anyway) were laughing and thought it was a fun part of the game to be the captives.

    Who do some parents have to take everything so seriously? Can't we just let kids be kids sometimes?

    I told the entire story on my blog today if you are interested.

  5. I feel bad for kids whose parents are so uptight. It must be an awfully boring life.

  6. I think you hit the nail on the head - when parents are upset about a child's behavior, it is their own pride that shows it's head. They're afraid of how it makes *them* look.


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