10 February 2008

Hairy Subject

I have been letting my hair grow for a while now. Basically what that means is I have a lot of hair and I don't really know what to do with it much of the time. About week ago I decided that I wasn't 16 (major revelation) and that I did not have the right kind of face to wear my hair without bangs. So, I snipped them, and have been ever so happy that I did. I also realized that I hate my hair permed. In the east Texas humidity what it means is that I have long strands of fuzz going down my back. Thanks to some terrific hair products, I can blow dry and smooth my hair out and I almost have the hair I like - although admittedly much of the time at home it is in one of those clips the size of the jaws of life or a ponytail. I am not sure that the long hair would be do-able in Texas with the heat we have here. We already had the AC on in the car yesterday and you can smell the ocean! For better or worse here is a picture -my kids hate it cause I'm not smiling, but I was trying to take it of myself - ergo the remote!
I just want to say that I took these pictures yesterday morning, so I am not snagging Kate's hair posting idea! ha ha Her haircut is so awesome!


  1. So, do you always look so serious when you are in control of the remote- cause in that case I might not fight you for it if we ever watch TV together!

    Your hair looks lovely- a soft, pretty, hip style for a pretty, hip mama!

  2. Very nice! I'm still trying to find a good hair stylist. I miss the one I had in Romania. She always did my hair just right.

  3. Hair looks good and I agree with what Halfmoon said - you can have the remote!!!

  4. It was just a hair cutting kind of day, wasn't it!


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