13 February 2008

Valentines Schmalentines - Take Two

Okay so let me first wish all my cyber-friends a happy Valentine's Day. I have already posted my mushy-gushy thoughts about the holiday here last year, so I won't belabor the issue. I did make this little token of my affection for my husband for a little "newsletter" we did at our co-op where people could buy ads to send to their loved ones. I thought I would share it here to let you know I am as sentimental as the next girl. I showed it to him today and he loved it.

Better than that, my husband had half of a day off because he had to go to the doctor for blood work, and he called me on his way there and asked if he could take me out to eat this afternoon since he wouldn't see me on Valentine's Day. I am telling you the God's honest truth, when it really really mattered to me, when I braced myself for utter disappointment and had anxiety over whether or not he would remember - he could let the day come and go with nary a word. The fact that he cared and wanted to do something special with me was terrific. We went to the new restaurant in town where Kendra works for a nice lunch. We asked for her to be our waitress, and so they sat us in the only table available - a table for six - at lunchtime - in a crowded restaurant. We felt selfish, so we told the hostess she could sit the older couple that we had been chatting with at our table, if they wanted. They did and it was awesome. We enjoyed the company and conversation immensely. It was a very nice time. I am learning that letting go is so much better, cause the truth is I can't make it happen my way anyway!


Awaiting your words......
♥ Juls ♥