14 July 2008


Travis went back to work last Thursday so he was off one whole week. Trying to make up a week of income is not easy. Thankfully I pulled in some extra money this month.
Our internet connection has been horrible. I am going to have to bite the bullet and spend the 2 hours on the phone with tech support to resolve this later today.
Kaitlyn is going in this morning to have the same surgery on her that she had in March on the big toe on her other foot. She is not too happy about it.
Tomorrow is Kaitlyn's 15th birthday. It is all about the food - a gooey chocolate cake and lasagna are her requests, so I will be spending a large part of my day tomorrow in the kitchen.
More interesting blogging later - I assure you.


  1. Lasagna is always an endeavor in the kitchen and ALWAYS well worth it on the table, then the plate, then the fork, then the mouth! Making me hungry. Happy B-Day to your daughter!

  2. That's wonderful news that he's going back! Whenever my husband has any time off, we fight and he gets grumpy. :) So I love when he has a solid job. haha.

  3. excellent taste, kaitlyn! lasagna is my FAVORITE food! mom makes it for every special occasion revolving around me... heehee and of course there is no better cake than gooey chocolate cake! i'll have to make you my special chocolate soup cake one day... i think you'd like it!


  4. I'm glad he got a job and only missed one week.

    Let us know how Kaitlyn is doing what a birthday present.


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