25 July 2008

Back in Black, and I'm Never Going Back

How's that for a snappy title for this Friday morning?
It is actually another cell phone post. The HTC Mogul super "smartphone" as they call it tanked after only 2 1/2 weeks of use. Just about the time I got my gazillion contacts entered, and learned the 24 step processes to make phone calls (I never did learn how to utilize the media player!) I woke up and the screen was frozen. The time said 11:54 and I wondered how I had slept that late! I had to take the battery out to get it to power down, and though I performed cellphone CPR (hitting the reset button, and anything else I could think of) it never came back to life. Turns out it was a "not-so-smart phone".
Sprint had also replaced Kendra's phone because of the not providing Picture mail on her Blackberry Pearl. She got a Palm Centro and it is the cheapest, most lightweight, hard to figure out piece of plastic that I have ever seen. She is terribly disappointed. There is a metal band around it that is already coming off and the battery door is not working properly.
So again with the round of calls and emails to Sprint.
Yesterday I got a Blackberry Curve. It has lots of features, but it doesn't take 4 years of college to operate. I can pick it up and dial a number and make a phone call without having to turn it on, unlock the touch screen, get out a stylus, choose the phone from the menu, etc. etc. etc. I finally got them to consent to send Kendra another phone to replace the piece of junk that she got as a replacement - she's getting a red Blackberry Curve.
We both love the Blackberrys. This one still does not support Picture mail. We're told we'll have to be patient, but we both prefer them over anything else we've had, so we're hoping they last for a long long time - at least long enough to get Picture mail activated on them.

I had at least one person say to me the last time, how do you do that? Meaning, how do I get Sprint to replace the phones. The short answer is that I don't give up. I call and email until I get their attention. It is bothersome, but it has proven successful.
I bid you adieu and hope this is to be the last cell phone post for a while!


  1. Phone looks great. I've thought about going with a blackberry but I really like my phone. People who borrow it to use don't usually like it but I do. I've had it for several years I think. Enjoy the new phones!!

  2. That looks pretty sweet. I am so tired of paying a lot of money for something cheap that breaks down before my contract is up, so I am going to go buy the cheapest phone I can get. Then I can replace it without feeling sick. I don't do much with mine. I just need to be able to talk to my family if I need to.

  3. Blackberries are pretty tried and true.
    I always get the el cheapo or free phone that comes with contract renewal and they are always the best. In fact, last time I renewed, I upgraded and spent some $$ on a red Sync phone which was supposed to do everything I could have ever imagined. My kids were drooling over it. I looked really cool with it. Unfortunately I could not understand a word anyone said during phone calls. I eventually took it back, got a Nokia cheapy and can do the most important thing which is hear and be heard! Yay. But I don't look cool anymore. Sigh.

  4. And yeah - it is a snappy title for a Friday morning, or any other morning, come to think of it.

  5. That's a really pretty phone! Glad you've gotten it all worked out.


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