21 July 2008

Kendra's Complete Happy About Texas List

Here is Kendra's list of things to be happy about in Texas:
1. Southern comfort food
2. wide open sky
3. Memaw
4. The school down the road
5. My house
6. My front porch
7. The independence I've learned from living here
8. The closeness to my family that's developed since living here
9. The Sundew Trail
10. Kyle (our neighbor)- his sheer adorableness and love of all things edible
11. Katelyn - her laughable cruelty to anything with an XY chromosome
12. Cayla - her sweetness and her fun personality
13. Daniel - what an amazing, intelligent person he is
14. Merris - her cuteness, her sweetness and her style
15. Chelsea - how easygoing, friendly and fun she is!
16. Sarah - how easily she gets scared (in a cute way!)
17. Brock - his teddy-bear-ness and what a fun and great guy he is
18. Trent - his sense of humor
19. Nathan - his amazing oddness
20. Elishah - her passion for life and her optimism
21. Ellie - how motherly, caring and sweet she is
22. How neighborly (most) people are
23. Michael.... I guess... his antics and craziness!
24. Josh - his hysterical pessimism and how great he plays The Joker
25. .... A certain someone - basically everything about him.

Okay so she has a stronger connection to some of these people than I realized. This has helped me. BTW - when we went to see the Dark Knight the other night, two of her friends who are brothers had their sisters paint their faces like The Joker! It was hysterical.
And the school down the road she mentions is on our block and she likes to take walks there - when school is not in session obviously.


  1. She would obviously miss a lot of people if you left. I hope this little exercise helps your children as much as I hope it helps you : )

  2. Love the list! Even though I'm technically an Okie now, I still love me some Texas.

  3. I love how most of it is about the friends and the connections she's made. :) I know when I was her age, it was all about the friends, too.

    I love this, Jewls, it makes my heart sing and puts a smile on my face. Thanks for being so open to our prodding.

  4. yay kendra!! this is awesome that your whole family is coming together through a simple list! can't wait to see the others.

  5. nothing beats those sky's!! that's one of the things I miss most about living in Oklahoma. Although the sky's from the mountain here are just beautiful too. Maybe I should just move away from this big glowing thing here in town called The Track.


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