02 July 2008

It's Only a Pot

Tonight, when I was making dinner I realized that one of my saucepans has completely disappeared. It meant that I had to wash and reuse the larger of the two that I have twice in order to cook dinner. I don't know why little things like this are such an irritant. It is a very nice pot - from a set that a friend gave me a few years ago. I just hate losing something like that. The whole family swears that they have NO IDEA what happened to it. I can just picture my husband using it outside to put water in his truck, and he knows that would freak me out. I keep reminding myself that it is only a little pot - but it is driving me batty. Where did that thing go???


  1. It's ok!
    I guarantee when I can't find something it walked outside all by itself and decided to stay there :)

    I wonder if that's where my mind is?

  2. Out in the back yard somewhere? I hope you find it!

  3. That's so frustrating. It's happened to me too. Not a pot though. I lost a picture album, and it's driving me nuts.

  4. That would drive me batty too! Did you look in the freezer? I don't know why, but sometimes I have moments of insanity where I put odd things in odd places. But I don't think I have ever lost a saucepan-- those are too useful to be misplacing!

  5. Same place that my brand new runners are in perhaps???? Did you find it yet?


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