30 July 2008

The Huns Have Invaded China!

That is what my snarky daughter said at this sight of me!

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  1. Oh I just love getting my hair done!

    I finally broke down and started a blog and now it is much easier to comment.

    It sounds like you guys are feeling a little more positive toward Texas. We have to give Indiana our best shot. Going back to WV just isn't an option right now.

    I hope we both find happiness where we are.


  2. Aren't daughters just a bunch of "smarty-pants"? LOL! Mine likes to make snarky comments like that at the salon too!

    I bet you looked great afterwards! Be sure and post a pic.


  3. I want to see pics of the after!

    I also want to get my hair done again. I'd like to get red highlights again!! I love red hair and wish mine was redder all the time.

  4. Your are beautiful, Julie! the things we have to go through to maintain that beauty are so under appreciated. :) Love, Mel

  5. Cute hair ;-)
    Do we get to see the after pics too, or just the during pics?

  6. I admire you for posting pics of yourself.
    You better show us how it looks when you are done.

  7. Hope you are posting an after pic.


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