31 July 2008

A Partial Picture

This is as much as I can stand to show right now of my hair - it does scare me. I had really dark hair - much like Kullen's when I was a little girl - but it has lightened (rather faded) to a non-color color. Drab. Anyway - I have always had an aversion to blonde hair - for myself I love it on others - because my mom always had some form of it on her hair - and it was always so fake. Anyway, after matching up the color of the roots of my hair, the color ended up being quite dark. I actually think I might grow to like it as it fades and I adjust, but for now everytime I pass a reflective surface I am startled. Try that first thing in the morning when you grab the spoon for your coffee! Bwaaaaah!
Kendra's friend Ellie also cut my hair, and regardless of what becomes of the color, I have a permanent hairdresser! The cut is terrific! She did just what I asked.
I only had to take 743 pictures to find one that didn't make me look like I was on crack!
I can hear my stepmother telling me to put on some lipstick now! ha ha


  1. You are so funny!
    Can you send me a picture privately?
    You can trust me!

  2. That's a beautiful color! I always wanted brown hair.

  3. I think the color looks great with your eye color. I bet you will like a lot in a couple of weeks. Love, Mel

  4. I was always a dark brunette, and then I started going gray, early, like in my 20's. I have color resistant gray, so after a few washings, the gray would pop right back out. I have since lightened my hair considerably so the gray blends better now. I think the color looks lovely, I wish I could still have dark hair. Yours seems like it might have a bit of red highlights to it. Yes? Please post us a bigger picture, we want/need the whole effect!

  5. I really like it. I think it is lovely and dramatic. At least what we can see of it. It really makes your skin look nice.

  6. Iive been thinking about going dark as well. I don't color my hair normally, but after my accident last year, after months and months of having other people twist my hair up into a clippy, when I could finally do my hair myself, I decided I'd splurge for highlights. I do like them, but next time I splurge I think it'llke be on a rich chocolate color!!

    Thanks for paving the way for me!!

  7. A smile would help sell the color a bit. :) I love it.

  8. I love the darker color. It looks rocking. It makes your eyes stand out more.


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