21 July 2008

Happy About Texas List

Some of my online friends - in their loving way have been trying to encourage me to get a grip and take notice of the blessings in my life. This, I am sure is a bit harder for my IRL friends - people I have actually met, been to their house, slept with, showered with on missions trips, etc. to actually inspire me to because they miss and love us. An online community can be a terrific blessing to a person's life. For me the Radical Christian Unschoolers group that I belong to and several offshoots, Unschooling God Journey and a political discussion group have been lifelines. Literally.
Today we were challenged - our whole family to come up with a "happy list" - things that are good about being in Texas. Somebody suggested getting the kids involved and offering a prize to help them also break the negative mode we've all been in. Another friend offered to send us goodies if we each completed this list of 25 things each! I have finished mine - but because this is an exercise in thankfulness and contentment, I am going to keep working on it every day this week alongside my family.
Without further adieu, My Happy List:
1. great homeschool laws
2. my old house
3. longer growing season
4. front porch swing
5. room for everybody
6. gotten closer as a family
7. learned I am stronger than I think - it is OK to be alone (in process)
8. ditched the institution for a real relationship with God and others
9. found RCU and met some great online friends
10. my big comfy bed
11. watching Travis enjoy his extended family
12. learned to digital scrapbook
13. learned to make bread
14. the Sundew Trail
15. neighborhood walks as a family
16. spring wildflowers
17. big blooming bushes in yard - azaleas & crepe myrtles
18. family reunions for Travis
19. fireworks at Christmas
20. my big old kitchen island
21. beautiful house decorated for Christmas
22. 2 1/2 hour drive to Gulf of Mexico and Galveston beaches
23. free ferry rides
24. living near the post office
25. fireplace in the winter
26. mature shade trees

I'll add to this daily to let you see how we are doing. I want to post our entire list of 125 when we get it done!


  1. This is a great list! Free ferry rides!!!! You will fall over if you come ride on ours- it's not free... But there I go, making a negative comment when you are being positive. I just slapped my hand- bad Jane. Keep up the great attitude.

  2. It's amazing what one can find around them to be blessed by. Is there a reason your list skips the number 13?

  3. Living within 2 1/2 hours of an ocean beach would be a huge blessing for me, Ilove the ocean. Great list....look how fast you were able to come up with it. I be tyou alone could come up with 100 good things if you tried : )

  4. So glad to read this. Cliche as it may be counting your blessings is a great way to pull yourself out of a funk.

  5. Shasta! Thanks for pointing that out - I skipped number 10. I went back and fixed it!

  6. What a wonderful idea! You are certainly blessed.

  7. I know that you have been so unsettled, but from far away in IN, this list looks pretty darn good. You've talked of a cozy house. This list brings me to mind of a cozy compfy farm house. I give you kudos.

  8. My 12-year-old shared this riddle this morning What's always coming never arrives?...counting our blessings today makes the world of difference, taking the worries of tomorrow away. Kudos to you and the family for counting the blessings.

  9. Yeah Julie! There is a silver lining!!

  10. what a great idea! i'm so glad you are looking at the good, the positive. keep it up!

  11. I loved living in Texas and really need to come back for a visit. We lived in Houston down near Pearland and always drove out to Galveston. There was never anyone on the beach we went to, though from reading Coastal Living magazine I understand Galveston Island has changed quite a bit since I was last there 15 years ago. I'm glad to hear that the ferries are still free down there! Our ferries are soooooo expensive. It's $50 for our van and family! Not a good deal~!


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