26 July 2008


Do you ever feel like everything you say comes out all wrong or is misunderstood? Being so prolific with words - spoken or written - I tend to try to heap more words on the problem, hoping to bring understanding evidently only making it worse. I am going to try being quiet for a while, but I don't have much hope for success in this area, knowing my own track record for silence.
Having gotten one phone call and one email about this - I only intend to be quiet about one particular subject - at least on my blog. Sorry if I gave anyone undue cause for concern, and if I have disappointed those who were relieved! *wink*


  1. Well, I am out to lunch and have no idea what you are refering to, but I tend to approach miscommunication in the same way- heap more words on it!

  2. I think we are all misunderstood at some time or another. Sometimes those misunderstandings come round about and other times they aren't meant to. Praying for understanding in every way on every level.

  3. I am not always so good at keeping quiet. Sometimes it's nice to just lay it all out and not have to worry about what others think... because my real friends will love me regardless of the idiot things I say and do! And other times, I just keep completely quiet and bottle it all in. I don't think either is very good though. It is so hard to find balance sometimes!

  4. Is this all about stuff that's on your blog? Why does anyone think they can tell you how much to say or what to talk about on your blog? Damn, Jewls, WTH! God blessed you with this gift... don't keep quiet!

  5. Like halfmoon girl, I too feel out to lunch as to what is going on that has caused you such pain, but to answer your question, yes, I have often had that feeling of everything coming out all wrong, and being misunderstood, and even blogged about it.

    One thing I've noticed though, for what it's worth, is that it's especially easy to misunderstand what someone else has written, because you can't see their expression or hear the tone of their voice, and they may be meaning one thing, while our interpretion of it is colored by our emotions at the time and we wind up taking offense where no offense is due.

    Not only has it happened to me, but I myself have been guilty of that very same thing.


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