17 July 2008

An Old Pasttime and Sustainable Living

Travis and I have been talking a lot about sustainable living lately. One thing we would love to do is lower our living expenses in a radical way. Travis has always wanted to live underground, but being someone who needs light and air, and being somewhat claustrophobic, that would be a "no can do" for me. More recently we have been reading about cob houses, straw bale houses, and dome houses. My favorite of these being domes. Yep, they are a little odd looking from the outside, but I found a website where you could see pictures of the insides of these things and they appear cozier than I ever could've imagined. I'm all about the cozy-homey thing.
I have always loved to draw floor plans - so last night I started to doodle a dome house floor plan that is about 45 feet in diameter, and would have an upstairs.
There are some obvious problems with this floor plan, one being that there is no door to the 1/2 bath. The master bath also was pretty tricky. I am evidently not big on bathrooms. Anyway - I would want the living room/kitchen pretty open. I did a little designing of the upstairs, but never could get it the way I want it so that is still a work in progress.


  1. Too cool, Julie! I especially like the kitchen.

  2. One of my all time favorite places to go when I was little was Genelle's grandparents house. They had a dome house that was absolutely amazing! they also lived right on the Snake River up on a mountain in the middle of Idaho. It's sooooo beautiful! Okay, I'm rambling now. All of that to say, I think that's an awesome idea!


  3. Tav and I have talked about both of these types of homes. In fact Tav helped build domes back in Idaho in the early 90's. The ones he built were for feed storage though. One of my best freinds, back in Idaho, her parents own a large dome home. It is really cool. The only bad thing that I noticed is that they echo really bad. I guess that is what you would call it. Sound really reverberates across the thing. But they are still cool.

  4. Looks like a fun and spacious house!

    Sorry I've been so busy. I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn. I hope she had a great day. We miss you guys!

  5. We have a couple of dome houses in the country around here. I don't know anyone who lives in them. Perhaps I should just knock on the door and ask for a tour?

  6. Rock on, honey, keep pursuing this!


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