18 July 2008

What's Up or Down

Last night we went to see The Dark Knight at midnight. The movie was good - but it was 2:42 minutes long. Wow. Even though we got there an hour ahead of showtime, the theater was packed - so we had to sit in the second row, staring straight up for almost 3 hours. Everybody had a neck ache by the end. So while it was good, we are going to go see it again at the dollar theater sometime this coming week. We didn't get home until 3:45! Needless to say we all slept in and have had a fairly lazy day. I think that is a necessary thing once in a while. I brushed my hair and teeth and put on clothes, worked a couple of hours, threw my bedsheets in the wash, but have felt little motivation to do much else. I even had Travis pick up pizza on his way home from work.
In other news, on the subject of alternative housing, I have been reading about cob houses. I know- the very first question is, what on earth is cob? Well it is literally a building material made of earth. It is a mixture of dirt, sand and water. Houses were commonly made of this material in England since the 1500s and are still superior structures today. There is a lot to learn about this type of construction. Overall I like it because it is a lot more homey and cozy than a dome house. I bought a book today on Amazon called The Hand Sculpted House. Secondhand it wasn't too bad. I can't wait to get it and read and learn more. One other thing that is pretty feasible about it would be that we would also be able to put it partially underground. Travis really wants an underground house - feeling that economically it would be a tremendous benefit. I would have to have the main living area of the house accessible to sunlight and air, so we would make a compromise on this.
Part of me thinks that I am pipe dreaming here, and that we don't have what it takes to really take on something like this. The other part of me knows that paying off a mortgage for 28 more years at our ages in the ever increasing economy is not going to be do-able, and we need to come up with a more economic, sustainable, environmentally friendly way of living. It has made me consider things that I never would have thought of before, and get an excited flutter in my heart in the anticipation of it all.
Another tremendous thing we are considering would be the ability to put a small cottage next to us on the same property for Kendra to live in, now that she is older. This would give her privacy and independence and still have her close enough to us so our family can stay close and share our lives, at least until she leaves for Italy.
If anybody knows anything of these alternative types of housing, please share what you have learned. I'll be sharing more here as I learn. For now, I leave you with this video:


  1. You're truly a WILD woman and when I stand next to you I feel like my world is too small. Thanks for the expansion!!

  2. Why does Travis want an underground house? Is that a safety issue? Or some other benefit. I didn't know there were underground houses.

  3. Sandy>> Underground houses are well insulated, and also safer. They are protected from the elements, severe weather, etc.
    I am sure there are a lot of other advantages and that Travis could articulate it better, but there are lots of advantages
    It is hard for me - I keep thinking of my cold basement in WV but when we had the woodstove going it was nice and toasty warm and stayed warm.

  4. We saw "Dark Night" last night at midnight too. The guys were in a different theater and Dwayne, Tayva, Sarah, Melissa and Valerie were on the opposite side as them. Martinsburg had the movie showing in 7 theaters and they were all sold out! We sat in the second row but I like it there so I wasn't complaining. I would like to see it again!

    I can't wait to read more about what you discover with the cog houses. We had friends growing up who lived in an underground house or house in the side of a hill. It was really neat!!

  5. Thanks for the explanation of a cob house. I was picturing something made from dried up corn cobs. That didn't seem like anything you would want to live in. LOL!

    Gabriel and Hannah went to see Dark Knight this morning. I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD. Glad you were able to go!

  6. I have nothing to say about this, well... except that I have never wanted a cob house a dome house or an underground house.
    I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you or something :)

  7. Hey! I have a great idea! Since they seem to be more common here in England.......why don't you just move here????

    Thatched roofs are more common here too, you are closer to Italy when a certain young lady takes wings, you can 'see' history come alive from the books, the health service is free here (one less bill), and best of all you would be closer to......ME! LOL!

  8. Julie, if you go to this blog, http://www.fromthepier.blogspot.com/ I think she has some links to sustainable living sites. Her name is Jennifer, and I think she even built a gardening shed recently from some of these materials.

    I've been thinking of some similar things. Must be something in the air!

  9. Well, I will be thinking and sending my good vibes your way. You know, my dream of building isn't going to happen due to finances.

    But, I do know all about chickens, gardening, canning, and hanging your clothes on a clothesline. :) :)

    Grew up doing all of that. Big farming family.

    Of course, I still do the clothesline and the gardening. I really would like to have chickens but my neighbor would have a cow. And you know, we heat with a corn/pellet stove. I guess you say we are semi-sustainable. Maybe 1/4 self sustainable.

    Keep the info coming, you have me curious.

  10. >>>Part of me thinks that I am pipe dreaming here, and that we don't have what it takes to really take on something like this.<<<

    Pipe dreams do not exist! If you believe that it won't happen, then it won't happen. Change your thinking girlfriend!

    I believe you have what it takes. Do you believe it?



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