31 July 2008

Bible Study with a Friend

My friend Lizbeth is coming to stay for close to a month – she’ll be here Saturday.
She said to me yesterday, “Why don’t we do a Bible study together while I’m there? I haven’t been in a women’s Bible study in a while.”
So this took me off guard.
I immediately tried to assess her motives. She’s worried about me being out of church. She thinks I’m a heathen backslider who needs her to help me.
Then I took a breath and realized – hey she loves the Lord and maybe just wants to do a Bible study.
(I immediately go to the dark side. It is one of my horrible flaws.)
If you have any suggestions of a Bible study that we could do together, throw it my way, quickly before I hyperventilate on the edge of the dark side.


  1. Anything Beth Moore or Elizabeth George ... A Woman After God's Own Heart by George is EXCELLENT!!!! :o)

  2. I agree about Beth Moore's stuff, although that comes from my pre-religious freedom state, I haven't analyzed any of her stuff under my post religious-freedom state to know that it's necessarily religion-free. But, I recall that she has an unbelievably honest and down-to-heart love of Papa. I did one of her studies several years ago called Breaking Free; it helps deal with a lot of junk from one's past. At the time, it had a wonderful impact on my life.

    My next thought is, if you have a concordance of any kind, look up the word grace, or freedom, or words of the like, and read and talk about each verse listed, having to do with those things. Maybe you, personally , would enjoy that more to reinforce your new position of freedom from religion. Could bring up some interesting conversation, at the least. This may be a more laid back approach, where you don't feel committed to a book.

  3. I have a couple of friends who seem to think I'm less of a Christian than they are because I don't go to church or talk endlessly about God. For me it's more of a private thing (like a lot of other things in my life) I'm not one to talk about my feelings or really share stuff with people, even my husband.
    Last year I did a Bible study and I believe it was a Beth Moore one!

  4. Knowing Lizbeth and what she is going through I would think she asked to do a Bible Study because she needs it and thought you would be a support for her.
    The kind of Bible studies that I prefer are book studies. I am interested in what the Word says - not what Beth or Elizabeth's take is (no offense to them or their fans out there.) A book commentary is nice as long as you actually reads the text in context and think about the commentary rather than take it as right.
    ANyway - that's just me. Obviously Beth and Elizabeth have many fans, so maybe you should find out what Lizbeth wants to do.

  5. I did a Joyce Meyer study last year and was very impressed by it. It was shorter than Beth Moore and Elizabeth George. I loved the book reading but the study guide that you buy extra to go with it was really lame.

    I think it is an awesome idea, just the two of you in your own home. I'm jealous.


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