04 July 2008

On the Lighter Side

It's pretty bad when you are at such a low that your own blog gets on your nerves. I am going to try to think about something else. Complaints about the high price of flip flops, poor customer service with the cell company and then the layoff. It is high time for some lighter fare around here.
Today, I think I witnessed a miracle.
My husband is basically a solid. He does not like many vegetables. He loves greasy, deep-fried, non-organic, highly processed, overly salted, non-foodlike food products. If it doesn't have cheese it needs it. If you put cheese on it, he wants more. (Velveeta is the cheese-food of choice.) Gravy, he'll take extra. I have worked really hard on putting good, mostly homemade food on the table and in his lunch. One thing he won't give up are his daily pop-tarts. But tonight - the unexpected happened.....
I got him to agree to eat salad with our dinner every night for a week. I asked him to help me set a good example for the kids. In all fairness, I did get him Thousand Island with bacon dressing for said salads - so we'll see if that'll give it enough junk to help him get it down.
Yep, almost like the tears from the virgin shrine.
I'll take my miracles as they come thanks.
I will also be accepting any awesome salad suggestions!

Thanks for hanging in there - the blog will be staying "The Clearing" - and "The Whining" will hopefully be put to rest for a while. Perhaps we will start a family blog called "The Regular" or maybe "The Unconstipated". I wonder what Google searches would bring folks our way with that kind of title.


  1. Cheese, don't forget the cheese. Gabriel is a meat and potatoes man but I can get him to eat a salad if we have shredded cheddar cheese to go on it. Grilled chicken is another item he really likes on a salad.

  2. I just made this salad for a dinner with Pam and Porky. Pam has made it 5 times since and everyone chows down!! I think Porky had 4 servings of it. LOL!! Anyways I added feta cheese crumbles and would have added pistachios if I could have found them already shelled. I'm making it for a get together tomorrow night. I told Pam she couldn't make it. HEHE!!! It's delicious.


  3. Yay Travis! Yay Julie for convincing him! I am with Karen, I see no reason why cheese can't be on the salad.

  4. what about a southwest salad? Spicy chicken, black beans, corn, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, maybe a few crushed tortilla chips and a spicy southwest dressing. I love those kinds of salads, and it feels like you are eating some food along with your lettuce : )
    (but this would be a main dish salad.....too much for a side dish.)

    I also make a salad with baby greens, walnuts and feta cheese, then use balsamic vinagraitte (sp?). But it's too girly for my DH so it may be too girly for yours.

    Yum, I'm gettting hungry for a big salad! (Ever watch Seinfeld? Elaine and the Big Salad? : )

  5. LOL He sounds a lot like my husband! Although we don't have regularity problems around here. ;-) Since my hubby is polite, he will push that salad around until everyone else is done eating... you think he ate the salad but in reality he didn't! I just hope the kids don't catch on.


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