07 July 2008


My earlier post recommending The Shack sparked an email from a friend. She told me that some of the things in the book that she read a few months ago troubled her. She also sent me this article. I know that she loves me and I am so glad that she cares. There is no love lost between us – because relationships always trump the need to be right, heard or understood.

I thought since I had publicly recommended the book, I should address some of the things that are being said about The Shack. This article by Wayne Jacobsen of The God Journey did an excellent job of addressing in brief some of the controversial reviews and claims of heresy pointed at The Shack.

One thing I noticed, as I perused the article that was sent by my friend, was that the author has a website called Kjos Ministries solely dedicated to discernment. If we have the Holy Spirit what more do we need to discern the truth from a lie? If we follow others, any others, even those that seem to be right or have the truth, are we not in just as much danger of being led astray because we don’t know the truth, the path we’re walking on, the Bible for ourselves? The other thing that was of great concern to me is the complete and total dedication of a website to refuting ministries, people, books, etc. I don’t see Jesus telling us what not do to as much as He showed us how to live, how to love, and to “follow Me”. The culture of legalism, the need for rules and clearly defined limits has bred religion and made sites like this and these email lists of what to support and what to boycott and ban very popular. I’ll think for myself, thanks.

My friend Tammy said something about this that really floored me….. “Religion comes in His name and deceives many.” Wow. That will ruminate in my brain for a while.

Anyway, all of that said, read at your own risk. If you think me a heretic, I hope that your relationship with Christ allows you to love me anyway.


  1. Well I must be in the list of heretic. I personally loved the book. There are things written in the book that have kept me thinking since I read it. Especially the part about judging others. When it is said in the book something like. when you are judging others you are judging God, as their creator. Devan said in class that's right, it's like when you critic a painting, you're not criticing the piece itself but the artist who painted it. I am terrible about judging, so much so it seems ok at the time to do so. I'm working on it!

  2. check out my blog! You've been given an award!

  3. I loved your take on this, Jewls, and the call to love beyond our differences instead of choosing sides and throwing stones. We have been so blessed at the people who have been touched by this little book. I appreciated your reference to my piece.


  4. i haven't read the book yet. i keep hearing about it, good and bad. my sis is reading it and i told her i want to borrow her bookwhen she's done. i'm too cheap to buy my own copy! if nothing else, the controversy is making alot of people curious, myself included.


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