27 July 2008

Girls Afternoon Out

I have mentioned my loneliness ad-nauseum on this blog. All that is not to say that I haven't met some terrific people, one of those being my friend Melody. The problem is Melody is one busy person. She has an elderly mom a few hours away in Louisiana and a daughter and grandson a few hours away in Austin and it is hard to catch her in between.
This morning I woke up with a mild spray paint fume hangover! (J/K) About lunchtime Melody called to see if I wanted to come and hang out a bit. We dropped Kullen and her son JT off at the movie theater to see Batman (again!) and then she and I went to Books-a-million. We had a great time. We had coffee and visited and shopped around for books. She is a really neat person. I just adore her.
It was the nicest gift to have a day out with another adult, especially one that I like so well. Melody and I moved to the area about the same time, and we have both had our struggles getting settled here. I know that the Lord put us here for one another - if we could manage to be in the same spot at the same time!

In other "friend" news, my friend Lizbeth is coming to visit us for the month of August! I am so excited. Lizbeth can make me laugh till I nearly pee my pants. She is crazy and fun, and is going through a hard time right now. I hope that this will be a good break for her. Our biggest issue is going to be our boys getting along - so please pray for that. They are both 2 years older than the last time they saw each other, so I am hoping that Rex and Kullen have a blast together too.


  1. Now that sounds like a fun time! Books, coffee, friends, uninterrupted... niiiiiiice.


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