23 July 2008

The Benefits of "Spring Cleaning" Even in the Summer

Well since my friends have helped me have a better perspective, I have been motivated to do some much overdue spring cleaning. In so doing, I came across a journal that I was writing in when we first moved into this house. Just reading those words, and the things that I felt about this house, how much I loved it and how it was everything I dreamed of - well - it inspired me to use my lemons to make lemonade.
I love cleaning things out, sprucing them up. This house has gotten away from me. I have felt a bit overwhelmed by everything. I didn't try anymore because I decided I was done here. But now I know that I want my world to be beautiful. Today I threw things away, moved things around. I feel like I got a fresh start for my new attitude. I wish I had lights to hang up. I wish I could decorate for Christmas or at least fall.
I needed it.

In the midst of trying so hard, there always seem to be things that roll at you. The new show Wipeout has an obstacle course where barrels roll towards you while you are trying your best to make your way up a slippery slope. Life kinda comes at you like that. For instance, I woke up this morning and my cell phone that I have only had for two weeks was fried. As expected the representative at Sprint was horrendously rude - even laughing at me at one point, and telling me to "calm down". (That always works, doesn't it?) But I realize now that there are friends rooting for me - in real life, online, and even those of you who just read this blog on occasion and are motivated to say a prayer for that frantic, squirrelly little blogger - cheering me on and hoping I make my way up that slippery hill called life, and manage to store away a few good nuts for myself along the way! With people rooting for you, you can't just stand there at the bottom and let them knock you over the edge - that collective energy keeps you moving. Here's to you my friends!

And in case I didn't mention this before, KENDRA HAS A BOYFRIEND. Someone we really like, and hope to get to know a lot better.


  1. Very cool!!!

    Wanna come help me clean out stuff?

  2. hey whatcha throwing out-huh huh?? do you freecycle?

    i'm so happy you've found your beauty in the ashes!!

  3. Cell phone again?! Oi.

    I love rearranging things... then you wonder why you never thought of it before! It can be so easy to get in a rut and not do anything RIGHT NOW for whatever reason (many of them very good reasons, too)... but there is nothing like this moment, right now to make any kind of improvement.

    Boyfriend? I'm glad it's someone you approve of-- that really is a tremendous blessing to all parties involved!

  4. Now that's a happy post (except for the cell phone thing). New beginnings are great, and I know you'll make it up that slippery slope just fine.

    As for the boyfriend, I was wondering about that when I read your post with Kendra's list of things she was grateful for (specifically, what she said about Michael, and then the last item on her list).


  5. I was doing a lot of cleaning for the arrival of company yesterday, which irritated The Engineer. I'm not super sure of his reason (since he's always short on words), but I think it's because he's thinking "if it's good enough for us then it's good enough for everyone else." Kind of like, "Don't we - your family - deserve a clean house?" He truly doesn't care if the house is clean or dirty, but he doesn't like the DIFFERENCE I perceive between ourselves and company. So I spent some time in prayer about it, and thought I have ALWAYS LOVED & preferred a clean home, I usually need some outside inspiration (i.e. company!) to get me busy about it. And, like you, WE deserve our world to be BEAUTIFUL, we're worth the effort and I SSOOOO want that to be inspiration enough. I can't just CHANGE how I'm inspired, so today I've been walking around the house pretending company's arriving again in an hour, etc.

    Okay - this is a LONG comment, but all in all I just needed to say that YOU and ME and both of OUR FAMILIES are WORTH the effort of creating a tidy, comfortable and beautiful home. I'm trying to change my habits to fit my reasoning.

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting rid of some clutter and reorganizing!

  6. Glad you are having a better day! Spring cleaning sounds great. Wish I was close enough to share a glass of that lemonade! It will have to be a virtual glass for now. I'm still praying! (((HUGS)))

  7. You have bad lick with electronic stuff!
    Glad to hear you doing better. Focus on the Family had a segment yesterday about women who moved and the struggles with it - it made me think of you.
    I am glad you are remembering how excited you were about your house - and back in the sprucing up mode is the Julie I know for sure!!!! When the furniture is completely rearranged on a monthly basis then you will be back to yourself completely :)

  8. Love your lists....love that you're looking around again and not back.
    And your house IS adorable!

  9. Love watching people get Wiped Out on the Big Balls!!LOL Hilarious!!

  10. *Sigh* He's sooooooo wonderful! lol.

    I have a new blog about him up if you're curious guys:-)

  11. kendra, i'd love to hear about your new sweetie!

  12. I thought of you yesterday while driving and listening to Focus on the Family. To be honest, I didn't listen to the entire broadcast, but they had on a woman who has moved a ton of times. She has a real heart for women who are mourning their losses as a result of a move. I thought you might be interested in checking that out- a book was mentioned. I am sure if you go to the Focus on the Family website, you could get some info on last night's program (Wednesday, the 23rd).


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