11 July 2008

A Nice Little Story

One of my favorite unschooling books is called the Teenage Liberation Handbook. Last night Kaitlyn started asking some questions that were sparked by the very methodical education plan that one of her friends is on, and I read this first part to her called A Nice Little Story. It is a great illustration about how our attempts to teach can often squander, even kill a real love of learning. Those things fleshed out in the realness of everyday life are a real education, and the rest is often just jumping for paper fruit. Read it, you'll understand.
FYI - because somebody always tends to react - I do not endorse the site or any of the content therein - only this one story from Grace Llewellyn's book, "Teenage Liberation Handbook".


  1. I think it is ridiculous that you are having to put a disclaimer on stuff you say.

  2. I was just going to say that!
    How asinine.
    Say what you must you can't please everyone and it's exhausting to try.

  3. I think I often tend to squelch (and even kill) creativity in my children. I constantly hover over them saying "Not that way ....", etc. Since I recognize my own tendency to do that, it's usually best for me to say "Here's a project & here are the supplies. Have fun!" and then walk away. I imagine it'd be easy for a homeschooling mom who's wired like me to squelch a love for learning.

  4. Gosh, I can't help but to apply this in the spiritual realm. "They" want to take credit for having taught us how to swim, by making us follow all their humanly-devised plans. They don't want us to know that we would've naturally figured it out on our own, because we are innately spiritual, and indeed have the Holy Spirit teaching from within.

    Ok, I don't know if you have any idea of what I'm really trying to say, but I know. The story spoke to me on different levels.


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