03 July 2008


I think I am going to have to change my blog name "The Whining".
I am so overwhelmed again - I just called Travis at work, just to be sure that he got his paycheck before I go grocery shopping. I have done that before and the payroll person was out sick and needless to say put us in a not good situation with our checking account. I asked him how much his check was for and he gave me two figures.
Optimist that I am...I thought something good had happened to us - as we thought he was being shorted some pay the first several weeks he was at this job that started at the end of April. Nope. It took a second for it all to sink in when he said that he got a pink slip with it.
Another layoff.
Things were finally going better. With the economic stimulus check we seemed to get on top of our finances. I actually sat down the other day and for the first time since October I planned a quarterly budget.
1/4th of my back has been on lockdown for about a week - and seemed to be loosening. My cycle is all messed up. My left jawline has begun breaking out in huge, painful acne-like blemishes unlike anything I've ever had. The stress is really taking its toll. I have a friend in the same boat - which makes me feel none better - just really sympathetic. I feel like I can't get a good breath - and keep doing that sigh where you reflexively suck in air really hard with a reverse hiccup-like contraction like you did when you were small and cried too hard.
I don't know what to do - Travis said there will be other jobs at the union hall. Maybe.
I can't take the instability.


  1. Jewls, I'm sorry. Will be praying for you...

  2. Oh that boat is big enough for all of us...

    I'm so sorry Jewls, my husband has his job it's just not enough to dig out of the 2 year hole.
    You already know what the stress is doing to me.
    Let's sit down and breathe, breathe with your belly not your chest.
    Pray harder!
    Love you!

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry - will be keeping you in my prayers....

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry. We've been there too, PTL, it's been a while, but we've been there. Don't let your mind start racing to what you can do to fix whatever. Be still, and know that He IS God. Remember the "be still" part. Stay out of His way. One day at a time.


  5. I can only say I'm sorry. But take it from someone who sold everything and moved around for years....the less you have, the more you appreciate the little things. And having less and living on faith really can do a wonder on a marriage. It's really up to you.

    been there.

  6. Ugh, so sorry you are going through this. I hate to mention this, but might this be a good time to again try to sway your DH to move?

    Try not to stress (I know, easier said than done). Nothing is solved with worry, and you don't need to make yourself sick.

    Praying for you!

  7. It is often our inability to function in turmoils that forces us to strengthen our spiritual connection and learn how to thrive, even after devastation. It is the very darkness we don't want to be or experience that drives us to become the person we long to be, in the life we long to live. Lifting you high up to HIM. May he be your ROCK!
    Breathing in, I know that anger is here.
    Breathing out, I know that anger is me.
    Breathing in, I know that anger is unpleasant.
    Breathing out, I know that anger will pass.
    Breathing in, I am calm.
    Breathing out, I am strong enough to take care of this anger.

  8. Oh Julie! I'm so sorry, that is just dreadfull! I'm praying.......

  9. Oh Julie, I am so sorry. Know that you all are in my prayers.

  10. (((Julie)))

    Take deep breaths. I know what a lurch this is. Tav is on his 3rd job in 3 months and has been unemployed a grand total of 6 weeks since mid-May. The jobs are just really bad right now. Tav said that this not unusual for a presidential election year and top it off with the economy the way it is, it is just really tough right now.

    In the meantime lean on God. With everything you have. Don't hold anything back. He saw fit to send his only son to die on a cross to save us from our sin, he is not going to abandon us now. He PROMISES PEACE and JOY. It is yours, don't let Satan steal it. This is life is temporary with temporary struggles and strife, we belong in a much better place. Don't lose sight of the prize.

    BREATHE! Put some relaxing music on turn off the computer, tv, and lights and light some candles. Grab a cup of tea and put your feet up. It works, I know.

    Love you.

  11. Oh Julie, I am so sorry!

    Praying for God to encourage you and Travis and to give him a good, stable, well paying job very soon! (we can pray specifically, right?)


  12. Julie I am also sorry. We never get used to that kicked in the stomach feeling. Somehow though, it's going to be okay. I hope this will be a step toward peace for you.

  13. I'm sorry Jewls. We just came off a job loss that happened in March and before that we had two in one year. Praying that everything falls into place soon.

  14. I will specifically pray for a stable job for Travis. This is tough stuff.

  15. I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. I will definitely pray for you and your family. I hate "dark" times. They hurt so badly!

    I'm really sorry...God is still there. Just try to hang on.


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