06 July 2008

School Stories

My kids love it when my husband and I tell stories of things that happened in the past, things we did as kids, things they did. Earlier today we were sitting around the table after a late lunch, and we were telling them how when we were in school you couldn't talk, virtually anywhere. I know that we could talk quietly at lunch, but if it got too loud we would lose the privilege. I even remember one school among the 20+ that I attended where there was no talking on the playground!
I told the kids a story of myself in the 1st or 2nd grade - sitting at the lunch table with a group of classmates. Some lemon-sucking faced teacher came over to the table and said, "This table is being too noisy!" As she walked away, I slammed my fist down and said, "SHUT UP table!" I spent the rest of lunchtime in the corner of the lunchroom.
The kids thought this story was hilarious! You can see my wit even then! Hardy har har.


  1. That is funny!

  2. You certainly don't strike me as someone who - at any age - would quietly sit back and take a load of misplaced crap!!


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