16 July 2008


Emily let me know today that she was having a hard time loading my blog! I believe it - wow I had a lot of stuff that had to communicate with different sites. No wonder. I cleaned up my sidebars and hopefully this will help for everyone concerned! Now bring on the comments!


  1. hey julie,
    i left a comment on your solitude post and then i decided to go write my own post about solitude breaks. so i linked to your post. feel free to go see what i wrote. i'm enjoying your blog,and except that you're an E and i'm an I i think we're pretty similiar. i'm borderline on the J/P area.

  2. Omg, what a difference! I just thought it was supposed to take time to load after all beauty takes time.

  3. it just POPPED up now....yahooooo. you did it!


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