29 December 2007

Homeschool High Horse

I rarely get on my soapbox about homeschooling. I feel that it is important to respect the place that each person is - even if I don't agree with it. I do believe the best place for kids is at home, but I also believe in being gracious. If someone asks directly for my opinion, I will give it. If they ask for advice, I will share my heart.
But tonight.......what I am about to say is unsolicited ranting.... feel free to peruse other more politically correct blogs.
My nephew is here. We decided to let our kids throw a party while he was here - an in-between Christmas and New Years thing. They invited ALL of their friends - from two homeschool groups, and a teen girl neighbor.
The neighbor came over looking upset about something, little brother in-tow (even though I said it wasn't a good idea for him to come), and proceeded to sit, snuggling up under a blanket on the front porch swing with the nephew (who has a girlfriend) all night. Kendra kept going out on the porch to invite them to play games, cards, and somehow join the party. They kept saying, "we don't fit in at this party".
It is probably hard to fit in at a party when you don't even physically attend. They decided to keep physical distance from all party-goings, and then tried to turn it around on the other "homeschooled" kids. This strongly suggests to me - that public school kids *gasp* are the ones in need of some social skills. Since it wasn't their personal friends, they couldn't find a way to mingle, join in, and have fun.
The party was great fun - too bad they missed it.


  1. Are you serious??? Wow! So this sums up what I have always believed it is the PS kids who can't socialize with anyone other than their peer group

    My kids can socialize with any age or color or rank because they do not have inhibitions or pre-conceived notions, they are just being themselves.

  2. Too bad for them. You've been know to throw incredible parties on a whim, and they are a ton of fun. I miss those impromptu gatherings of yours!

  3. How sad! I guess it just proves the point though!

  4. Just curious - what did the little brother do?

  5. We can so totally relate, Jules.

  6. a little rant now and then never hurt nobody....(I've been known to do it from time to time)

    I've seen kids go both ways. Shy homeschooled kids who didn't fit in easiily and really outgoing homeschooled kids who are super popular.

    It sortof is just in a kids personality, more than their parents choice in school.

    But, in your situation...it sounded like the two kids wanted to be 'alone' (which might not be good!) and they used the not fitting in as an excuse.?

  7. I second Emily- I think it goes both ways as well. I think this perhaps was a case of attraction/hormones! SOunds like you have a fun place there though!

  8. Too bad they didn't join in the fun! I guess all those great social skills they learn in public school would have come in handy, (if only they existed!)


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