14 December 2007

Get Yours First

I was listening to Christian radio while riding with Kullen in the car tonight and I heard a curious thing..... the announcer was talking about some upcoming concert, and how there will be a special release of tickets. They went on to say, get yours first before they are released to the general public.
Am I missing something?
What about Jesus' teaching that the last shall be first, and the first shall be last.
Even on the Christian radio station, the message seems to be "hurry up and get yours before the next guy".
Any thoughts?


  1. Wise thoughts jewls...call them and ask them about it. Wonder what they will say. It might make them think...

    We have a station near here and the announcer was talking about all the "things" they were getting for Christmas...my dd3 thought that was odd too. "He didn't even mention Jesus Mama. It;s not about stuff."

    I should have taken my own advice and called them about it...iron sharpening iron.


  2. Very interesting! I have a very (I can't quite think of the word)intellegent, deep thinking 5 year old boy who always lets his brother and sister go first because of that verse- so he can be first in Heaven. OK- so he doesn't quite get it, but I think it's interesting that he even has thought about it as a 5 year old.


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