18 December 2007

Random Smatterings About My Day

I got my children who are less than "morning people" up and out the door this morning by 8:30 which was no small feat. I had a 9:00 appointment at GameStop in a neighboring town to pick up the only used PSP to be found in the state of Texas (well at least the eastern side!). When I got there, utter disappointment. The thing looked like it had been put face down on a dirt road and scraped back and forth. On the chance he might read what I say here, I'll not share the outcome of this particular story until later.
At the mall, we got to hear a local high school choir sing "Deck the Halls" to the Nutcracker tune - and it was SO beautiful. What a treat. I am trying to learn to stop and enjoy the "moments" that come in life, and not be in such a hurry all the time. Also, while we were out, we met my neighbor Debra at Rao's Bakery and had a Gelati. That was so awesome. I had Tiramisu flavor. And to think, I almost went to Starbucks! I loved the charming atmosphere. And you can't beat weather nice enough to sit outside on a patio in December eating a frozen dessert.
On the way home, I decided to take a back road and let Kendra drive for about 20 minutes. She enjoyed that, and did very well. Neither of us have been anxious for her to drive again since the Video Store incident. But it is time to get her on the road again. Back roads for now. But I think it was very successful. I felt very calm. In fact I even took out my camera and took a picture of her while she was driving!!!
This evening, Kaitlyn was having a breakdown about getting her assignments completed for Biology class. She signed up for this class on her own, but has been feeling burned out lately. I want to encourage her to persevere without forcing her. She asked me if I would work with her, and to my delight the module she is on is about genetics. It was a flashback to one of the only things from school that I remembered loving! We had a great time studying the possibilities that Queen Victoria's children would have hemophilia, with the heterozygous traits on the alleles. (does anybody know what I just said?)
Kullen just asked me to help give him a bath - a 10 year old boy! Write that down people! After that I am ready for bed. Hope your day was equally as nice!


  1. Standing still and enjoying is an
    art. Glad you're enjoying your Texas Christmas!

  2. Recently, my 17 year old son had some homework that I was able to help him with! That hasn't happened in about 12 years! Fortunately for him, I am an enormous history buff so when he asked me a question about Theodore Roosevelt, I was able to give him more info than he could've possibly needed! (I had just read 2 biographies on him and I am currently reading a third).

    Just last night he asked me,
    "Mom, you know a lot about the Civil War right"? (I actually get the magazine Civil War Times as well as one on WW2) To which I replied, yes and it looks like I'll be able to help my "boy" out some more!

  3. Thought you might like this...

    My dh calls my sons PSP his PCP!

    The first time it was an accident but he is so addicted to that thing we decided it fit!

    We have to limit his time with his PCP or he forgets there is a world around him! :o)


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