14 December 2007

I'd Like to Fry Some SPAM!

What is up with SPAM??? I get a lot of emails between personal stuff (one of which was a very exciting email from my "step"-sister that I haven't heard from in way too many years this morning!!! Hi Alisha!!), homeschool groups, and a heavy work load. That stuff in itself is enough to sort through - but it seems that in the last few months the amount of SPAM I am getting has taken a surge.
It wasn't all that bad - I can press the delete button like nobody's business
If you needed Viagra or Cialis, I could definitely hook you up....
These freaky little spammers have started to add pictures to their ads.
The other day I saw something that I can't unsee.
So Dear Mr. Spam-man,
Don't send me any more nightmares. It's hard to use the computer wearing a blindfold!


  1. When I had redone my email, some of my friends were going into junk mail. One day, I got an email from my younger brother in my junk mail box. I opened it and made sure I put him on my "not junk" list. Right after that, I got another email in my junk box with my older brother's name on it. So I opened that. YIKES! That was NOT from my brother!!! What kills me is that a lot of junk mail has names that are similar to the names in my address book or even in emails that I've sent or received. For example, last month I sent out an email requesting prayer for my student named "A". I gave his real name in the email and it's an unusual name. This week, I start getting junk mail with that name on it. What's with that???

    Sorry, this comment is turning into a blog entry. I get steamed up over this. I'm afraid to open my junk mail folder if the kids are in the room for fear of what might be seen.

  2. I thought this was going to be a post about ham. Which by the way I still have not tried. It did get me thinking though - how can someone who likes Ham in a can be against turkey in a box.
    Just some rambling thoughts from someone who is very tired and delirious!


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