02 December 2007

I Just Totally Stole a Great Idea

My friend Shasta added a very cool Christmas music player to her blog - and it only took me a few days - but I finally figured out how to do it! I used to always have music on my blog, and it made me so happy, but having to host it on a site and then embed it and all that jazz was just not worth it! Then not long ago my girls were using something called "project playlist" on their myspaces, which is pretty neat - but WAY too big to use on my sidebars here. So, this one was just about perfect, and cute too - I love the way you can see the graphic of the CD that is playing. I have loaded all Christmas music. It will autoplay but I kept it at the top of my page so those of you who would prefer to peruse in silence, can still do so. If you want to change the song (let's face it - some of them are obnoxious after a while) just click to the right side of the player and it will go to the next song. Some of these are auto-filled so I don't even know them. Others are here deliberately.
Thanks for the hat tip, Shasta babe, you're da bomb!
Feedback would be great - is the music good - or is it annoying to have to click off? Most of us are now reading using Bloglines or Google Reader anyway - so whaddya think?


  1. Hey Julie...
    I have read your blog off and on at HSB and I have had you on my bloglines here for awhile, so I decided to delurk. :)
    I love Christmas music...

  2. It pays not to be a lurker. lol I have my xanga folks~~ and interact and have gained many sweet freinds~~ and would never lurk there. But I read other blogs like mini novels~~ and want to remain anonymous so I don't have to invest anything. But~~ we really miss out when we hide outside in the trees~~ peering into other's window of life. I sound like a peeping Tom~~ or a peeping Tam. lol Thanks for inviting us in~~ Heat up the hot chocolate~ I'm crawling through the window. lol

    RYC We moved to Oklahoma from New York. Just typing the word makes me shiver. lol I LOVE Oklahoma!!

  3. I like the music. I haven't heard Third Day's Christmas album yet.


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