23 December 2007

Overheard by the Christmas Tree

Kendra and Kaitlyn were dismayed because they could not get the Christmas tree lights on. They communicated this to their dad by saying, "Dad, help us turn on the tree." My ever comedic and witty husband sauntered up to the Christmas tree and said:

"Hey tree, you like me bay-beh?"

What strange things are happening this holiday at your house???????


  1. LOL! I KNEW before I read on what Travis' response was going to be, I can HEAR him saying it.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I so needed that Christmas funny. Thanks Travis!

    Julie, I wanted to take a moment before the family consumes completely to wish your family the merriest most joyful Christmas! I hope we can catch up and chat after the holidays. =)

    Glory to the newborn King!

  3. That was awesome! That would make an incredibly funny scrapbook layout! Merry Christmas to you and your family new friend!

  4. That is SOOO Travis-like. We have sayings here in his honor, like...if something has been rigged but works, we say, "It's been 'Travised'" Lots of Justins computers have been 'Travised'
    It's stories like this that make me miss you guys all the more!


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